Dry Ice Applications

Discover a multitude of applications where dry ice is used as an essential component within a wide range of sectors.

From chill & frozen food transportation to creating special effects for live performances, dry ice offers great flexibility to support a wide range of applications.

Low temperature security for medical and pharmaceutical distribution.
Create sensational special effects.
The perfect ally in food transportation.
Protect the cold chain and extend shelf life.

How can I take advantage of its properties?

The unique properties of dry ice make it an attractive resource in a wide range of industrial and domestic sectors. Its cooling effect makes it ideal for any applications requiring effective refrigeration. The sublimation effect can be used to create spectacular low fog displays in live performances or in the presentation of all kinds of culinary creations. Its antibacterial properties make it the ideal companion in chilled or frozen food transportation. It also offers environmental solutions in the removal of surface contaminants through dry ice blast cleaning.

Airline catering
and rail catering

Nippon Gases offers a reliable and flexible source of Drikold dry ice making us the partner of choice for all your temperature control needs related to air catering, event catering and rail catering.


Home delivery of chilled and frozen foods

Dry ice is a flexible and reliable means of temperature control. Nippon Gases modern production facilites, unique sourcing platform and in-depth expertise, helps maintain complete cold chain assurance.


Food chilling and freezing

Food grade dry ice can be used to help food processors increase productivity, extend shelf life and control temperature in every phase of food processing and cost effectively bring their products to market. Let Nippon Gases help you to preserve the freshness of your products.


Research, pharmaceutical, universities and medical

Nippon Gases dry ice know-how allows you to create the low temperature conditions necessary for successful transportation of biological samples.


Special Effects

The sublimation effect of dry ice can be used to create spectacular low lying fog effects in film, theatre, music events, culinary presentations and seasonal events such as Halloween.


Dry Ice blast cleaning

Dry Ice blast cleaning offers an environmental solution in the removal of surface contaminants found within multitude of industrial applications. The system provides a rapid and non-abrasive alternate to traditional methods of surface cleaning.
The equipment operates by accelerating dry ice through compressed air stream, impacting the particles upon the surface being cleaned.
The process provides a dry and abrasion free clean and because the dry ice pellets sublime immediately upon impact (turns from solid to gas) there is no secondary waste disposal necessary.


Freeze branding of cattle

Dry ice freeze branding is used as an alternative to traditional hot branding to identify cattle. The freezing effect of dry ice permanently changes the colour pigmentation of the hair, making it ideal for cattle identification.


Metallurgy Shrink fitting

The cooling effect of dry ice can be used to temporarily shrink spigots, drums and shafts prior to fitting into machines and equipment, creating a very strong friction joint as the parts warm and expand again at room temperature.