Legal response to returns policy

if you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase we are here to help.

In the unlikely event that your order is received damaged or arrives more than 24 hours late, then subject to providing a brief explanation countersigned by the courier driver, we will look to either replace the damaged product or refund your order.

We do not accept consequential losses resulting from a failure to deliver.

Due to the nature of dry ice and its limited shelf life, we are unable to accept product returns.

The shelf life of dry ice is variable and significantly affected by factors such as ambient temperature, quantity of residual product within the insulated storage container & number of times the container is opened - introducing warmer air. 

As guidance, the expected natural sublimation rate of dry ice (when dry ice turns directly from a solid into a gas), is approximately 15% after the initial 24 hour period following the point of production; assuming an order of 20 kilos is sent using a polystyrene box on a next working day courier delivery service with ambient temperature of 12ºC.